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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Sunday  NBC  August 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a weekend filled with close calls for bay area deputies and police. drivers breaking the rules, nearly killing law enforcement. you'll hear one deputy's powerful stor over. closing ceremonies just ended, and in the rain, no less. one last look at the rio olympic games coming your way in just a moment. >> thank you for joining us this sunday night. we begin with a dangerous weekend for law enforcement in tampa bay. three divers hit police cruisers, narrowly missing the officers themselves. chip, separate incidents in
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incidents, mel, and two jurisdictions in a matter of a 24 hour period of time. i caught up with a hillsborough deputy who had a close call a couple of years ago. in his case, simply a driver who wasn't paying attention. it's no surprise sergeant jason knapply has had a close call. gliffs up there with my vest on, and the flashlight. he drove throughli and 60 miles an hour, and missed me by 12 inches. i mean, literally just, i mean, i felt, the wind, the car. it almost knocked me over. >> reporter: saturday night, one of napoli's colleagues stopped a colleague north of 15th street on fowler, when another driver hit the police
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scene, and faces a dui charge. hours later, another car slammed into her cruiser and the disabled vehicle, miraculously, no one was injured. that was a case where the at fault driver should have moved over. and sergeant napoli's experience, many do. >> i've made a traffic stop on friday night on i-4, which obviously is a busy stretch of you're constantly, you've got to pay attention on a roadway like that, and people were getting over, and obviously, i greatly appreciate that. >> reporter: there's no real explanation for the third close call. police tell us 30-year-old emily spice sideswiped an officer, and hit a prisoner transport van.
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experience, most of these accidents and close calls are caused by distracted, or impaired drivers. he has some simple advice for everyone. pay attention when you're behind the wheel of a car, and if you've had one too many, don't get behind the wheel at all. mel? >> powerful advice, chip. thank you so much, reporting live for us tonight in tampa. also all new tonight, we're just getting these pictures of a bad crash in sarasota. police intersection of south tutle avenue in wood street. this is what they found. an suv nearly crashing right into a home. that suv hit the curb at the intersection, then hit a light pole, a parked car, and went right through the fence surrounding that house. the driver only had minor injuries and was cited for careless driving. tonight, hillsborough deputies investigating a shooting at an apartment complex. it happened this afternoon on english hills court.
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and told the people inside he had been shot. he was then taken to the hospital, but deputies tell us, his injuries are not life- threatening. investigators are trying to figure out where the shooting first happened. right now, there are nearly 500 cases of the zika virus in florida. most of them are in the miami, dade, and broward county areas. tomorrow, tampa mayor, bob buckhorn is holding a news conference to the city of tampa is taking to protect you from the zika virus. that's happening at 10:30 tomorrow morning. newschannel 8 will be there, you can get an update on that, during our newscast at 11:00. today, loved ones of caroline sine said their final goodbyes. a funeral for the music teacher was held today. sine taught in st. petersburg. she and another teacher were both hit by a drunk driver who
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at last check, henkins is in serious condition in the hospital. in tonight's coverage of your vote. donald trump is getting into a groove and predicts the polls will show him even with hillary clinton by labor day. >> clinton's campaign says nothing has changed as it fights off another controversy, and this time by the clinton found apings, taking in foreign donations. the very latest now from d.c. >> reporter: after a presidential like visit to oo expressions of regret for hurtful comments, donald trump's now third campaign manager, says this was his best week ever. >> middle class tax relief. >> reporter: trump is now reaching out to hispanics, hosting a round table with leaders saturday, and african americans. >> 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> reporter: the republican national committee chair
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polls by labor day. >> you have someone who is not politically correct, who at times says some harsh things, even he admitted, vs. someone who lies with incredible skill and grace. >> reporter: while her campaign fights off another controversy, now saying if elected, the clinton foundation will stop taking donations from foreign governments and corporations, as it did when she was secretary of state. >> nobody wants themselves, but we're glad to hear they have once again taken an unprecedented step in terms of transparency and rules. >> reporter: clinton's latest ad scoffs at the notion that trump regrets any of his comments. >> both candidates are off the campaign trial. however, tim kaine is going to make a few stops in las vegas tomorrow afternoon.
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brings wildfires. >> as soon as one is under control, it seems another one then breaks out. coming up, we're going to show you the newest fire breaking out west. >> all good things must come to an end. the olympics officially over. but coming up, we're taking a look at how dominant our team u.s.a. was. >> rain chances still limited as we kick off the workweek tomorrow. also, changes in the just in the last hour. we'll get you updated in your full forecast coming up. >> parents, teachers and students need to communicate throughout the year. i'll show you new ways they're
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david was proud to be an american soldier.
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ink he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. the 2016 rio summer olympic games are officially a thing of the past. of course, rio de janeiro is a city that's known to party even in the rain, that they did, there was dancing, singing, and
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games when they head to tokyo. he came up to the stadium, dressed as none other than super mario. no doubt, tokyo is ready to host the 2020 games. we cannot end it without recognizing the gold l >> today's winners added to the massive medal count for the u.s. jared, the games are our, the party is over, i'm sure rio is still having a good time tonight. >> reporter: you're right. the party here will last a long time. it's important to note that the ioc does not keep an official track of the medals. they don't keep a count.
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and sportsmanship. we keep track of the games. team u.s.a. simply dominated. >> reporter: an unexpected gold medal in basketball to a second gold medal for claressa shield. to kyle's break through medal in wrestling. >> i'm happy i can put a gold stamp on the perfnc olympians. >> reporter: team u.s.a. won 121 medals overall. breaking their modern olympic record. we said so long to phelps, a hello to biles. 61 medals in these games were won by american women. another record. >> for team u.s.a., this was a fantastic games from a results standpoint. >> reporter: certainly were,
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at the closing ceremony tonight, that torch was officially passed to tokyo. going to be awfully hard for team u.s.a. to replicate the kind of dominant performance, they've put on here in rio. it has been an absolute pleasure to bring it to you. >> it's been a pleasure to have you, my dear. thank you so much for all of your excellent reports. we cannot wait for gymnastics. of course over the past couple of weeks, american athletes showed off their sporting skills, but showed off their social media skills too. a breakdown of the most noticeable moments of the 2016 games. >> good evening, there were so many fun moments on social media, it was honestly hard to just pick out a few. but who could forget the moment when simone biles met the man
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he flew all the way to rio to congratulate her himself. she said just call me mrs. ephron already. ryan lochte, claimed he and other u.s. swimmers were robbed at gun point but that story turned out to be untrue. he apologized for his actions, saying he exaggerated the robberor rocked it in the pool. snagging multiple gold medals. here is a picture of ledecky, asking for phelps' autograph 10 years ago. side by side with the rolls reversed. it looks like these athletes got in a good thumb workout as well. newschannel 8. thank you, mary. certainly some interesting moments. one last time, let's take a look at that medal count.
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121 overall. 46 gold. china comes in a distant second with 70. great britain takes third with 67. an olympics to remember for sure. what a showing by team u.s.a. this was our weekend torch being extinguished. barbara september this in from lake placid. a beautiful sunset there. nice colors with the setting sun. max radar, pretty quiet all weekend, on storms around. both afternoons with that onshore flow that made their way inland, pretty quickly. heading on through the overnight hours tonight, expecting mostly clear skies. just a small chance for a shower. first thing tomorrow morning, with that westerly flow, but by lunchtime, slightly better chance for that. a closer to the coast. but just like the last couple of days, saturday and sunday. tomorrow afternoon, the best coverage for what limited showers and storms we will see, will be across, inland
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chance. the blue shading here. notice that sneaking into the tampa bay area. by tuesday afternoon, the greens representing more moisture. creeping back into the picture, and with that, our rain chances, also rising. it looks like by tuesday afternoon. so again, just a 20% rain chance to start off the workweek tomorrow. we'll bump that up to 40% by tuesday. 30% wednesday and thursday. then a 40% chance to take us on into the weekend. next weekend, so there's your forecast for tomorrow. isolated showers and lunchtime. already in the upper 80s. forecasted high temperature of 92 degrees. the changes in the tropics. fionna now a tropical depression. also watching 99l. that has a 40% chance of developing. 90l, a 90% chance to become a tropical system.
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west of bermuda. invest 99l, we'll be watching this toward the middle of the workweek. 83degrees right now in tampa, with a light northwest wind. 78degrees right now in north port. also, a 78 in lake placid. the next five days we see high temperatures hovering above calendars for the great american eclipse. it happens one week from today. the last similar happened during the revolutionary war. tampa bay will see about an 85% eclipse. the actual total eclipse occurs up towards south carolina. tonight, we drop back to 79 degrees. hot and steamy, with limited isolated showers and storms. we'll finally get back to a normal weather pattern looks
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workweek. across america tonight, 13 people were wounded in a shooting at a house party in connecticut. police believe at least two shooters fired into the backyard of a bridge, a home in bridgeport early this morning. all the victims were taken to the hospital. one is said to be critically injured at this hour. the rest expected to survive. police are searching for suspects right now. the shooting remains under investigation. in utah, officials are investigating what caused a deadly paraglider crash this morning. we're told that crashed, he died when his motorized glider crashed into a church in draper. witnesses told firefighters, they saw the collider spinning out of control, before slamming into the church roof. rescuers later went into the building, but the pilot was deceased. police identified him as 57- year-old jim pederson. a pretty rough day in western michigan today. five tornadoes touched down, but amazingly, no injuries have
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roads and houses there, also, power lines ripped up. we're told the damage goes for miles. more than 19,000 homes and businesses are without power today because of that storm. in california, it's a kind of a good news, bad news situation there. just a couple of hours ago, authorities did lift all the evacuation orders for the bluecut fire. that fire is about 60 miles away from los angeles. a el assessment found 105 homes, and 216 outbuildings have been destroyed. as that fire, the winds from that, start to die down, a few miles north in santa barbara county, the ray fire is growing. it has now reached 18,000 acres and is now 10% contained. luckily, it's not near any populated areas. heartbreak continues in baton rouge. catastrophic flooding is damaging far more homes than what was reported.
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than 60,000 houses are reporting damage. that is 50% increase compared to what governor john bell edwards said last week. some folks say some areas are still under water, so even the latest number may not be a final total. the red cross says the flooding is the nation's worst disaster since superstorm sandy in 2012. president obama is going to visit baton rouge today. the president is back at the white house tonight, after spending 16 days on martha's vineyard in massachuse and while vacationing there, the president did receive updates on the flooding situation. some people have criticized the president for not cutting his vacation short. however today, louisiana's governor says he asked the president to delay his visit so the emergency personnel could concentrate on what they were doing right now. >> i didn't want to divert the police officer, sheriff deputies, the state troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing
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while they were needed in this region to undergo those, or to undertaigs those response activities, and i asked that if he could wait until the response was over, and we got into the recovery phase. >> even today, more rain passed through that area. the national weather service says 2 to 3 inches of rain fell just today. meaning flash flooding is now a very serious threaten tens of thousands of people were displaced by the flooding. so were a lot of animals. 18 dogs from shelter ended up right here in the bay area at the humane society of tampa bay. 16 of those 18 now have new homes. there was a line out the door on saturday. still a couple of animals there, displaced dogs that need homes right now. >> we have two left. poo bear is one of them. this is little poo bear. he's a 1-year-old chihuahua mix. he's a little shy right now, but he's still available, and then we have another dog, bell.
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well. >> the humane society is open from noon to 7:00 monday through friday, and noon to 5:00 on the weekends. corporal jeremy davis with the hillsborough sheriff's office, saved an injured blind fawn from the north side of the road. the corporal took it to the animal clinic. the clinic stayed open late and will rehabilitate thit a local zoo. i would run a rescue out of my backyard if i could. i would take home poo bear and the fawn. coming up next in sports, the rays are hot once again. >> this time, they take two games from you one of baseball's most popular teams. >> vernon hair graves after his
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a big week up in jacksonville has landed bucs tight end, austin jenkins back on top of the depth chart. at least asj will share first team reputations beginning tomorrow morning. is that wakeup for break? perhaps both. but this week, is that all important third week of the preseason. one that the bucs will treat more like a regular game week, even with the cleveland browns in town to practice with the bucs. that means all hands on deck, including gerald mccoy, who tweaked an ankle last week, and also running back, doug martin who was held out of saturday night's game with sore ribs,
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good move by the coach. and you how confident is this young man after picking off not one, but two passes saturday night. the bucs first round draff pick shows he's earning his role as a multifaceted cornerback just fine. >> first of all, last week, the look on your eyes when you didn't hang onto the ball, tonight you get two. it has to feel wonderful at this point in your career? >> of course. it's a blessing to be able to play this we were just having fun tonight. i was just having fun playing football. >> there's technique involved, you've got to be in the right place. you've got to make the catch. did it feel like another day at the office? >> yeah, that's what we practice. that's what practice is for. i'm confident in myself, i know i can make those plays. when the time comes, and the opportunity comes, i've got to make them. >> second game, preseason game. but a second time out there, you get that off your back now. now i can do this, where does
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you learn from this experience now moving forward? >> my confidence is always high. has been since high school. you can't falter. confidence is a big part of the game, i believe. from here out, the sky's the limit for me. i know that, i've figured that out, and i've got to push myself to be the best. the rays taking on the rangers today. the rays began the 4th inning with two runs to tie it up. then a beautiful bunt to bring in steven mow have the lead. logan forsyth says i'm not going to bunt, i'm going to go to the on silt field -- opposite field. that's all in one inning. the rays take 2 out of 3 over the texas rangers. 52 wins now. the bucs, you know, coach kind of, he's real harsh, i wouldn't sayer harsh, tougher after the game, then when he
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bad. >> i would love vernon hargreaves there, if i could grow hair. i would do that. >> you wouldn't go on camera until it's ready. >> what do you think our boss would say? >> no danger. can't grow hair. we'll be right back.
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tonight's winning lottery numbers. pick 2, 2, 8. pick 3, 7, 4, 0, 4. finally tonight, some amazing video from canada. >> while observing aer mother humpback nursing her calf from
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a huge jump and splash. that's pretty cool, right? both mom and calf got into it too several times, breaches and surpassing some kayakers. that is pretty awesome stuff. >> if you're a kayaker, you're like i my life just got made. that is some amazing video. >> you get all excited when we saw dolphins out in the river. >> that's a zero score in olympic diving. we're all diving experts now. that was not good. >> the kayakers sa is the gold. >> you should do your dismount stance. she does it every five seconds. there it is. >> i can't help it. i love those little gymnasts, they're adorable. if i did my dismount, you've got to do your dismount, ken. still limited rain chances tomorrow. 20% tomorrow afternoon, just like the last couple of days,
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showers push east of i75. 92degrees tomorrow. by thursday, friday, that's where we start to slide back into our more normal pattern. >> he's pretending i didn't lay
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michael phelps is going to do it again! they reach for gold. >> he did it! at every olympics there are memorable characters, remarkable achievements, moments of exultation. over the last 17 days and nights, these games have provided all of that. new stars ascending boldly to the stage alongside legends


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